Will converting to HMO increase my Council Tax?

Typically, no. The changing of a property’s use class from C3 (standard residential dwelling) to C4 (small HMO) will not result in the increase of the property’s Council Tax band in most instances/constituencies.

However, the tax band may be increased (or decreased) if significant changes have been made to the internal structure of the property, such as adding a large extension or converting each room into a self-contained flat.

A property that has increased in size may be assigned an increased tax band when it is sold.

HMOs are considered a single property for taxation purposes, which means that they only have one band, unless in exceptional circumstances, such as a Section 257 HMO – where it may have multiple Council Tax charges.

Unsure of your local council’s licensing requirements, check the Govt. HMO license checker here.

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