What is Article 4 in property planning?

What is an Article 4 Direction in Property Planning?

According to the Government Town and Country Planning Department, it can be defined as:

“A direction under Article 4 of the General Permitted Development Order which enables the Secretary of State or the local planning authority to withdraw specified permitted development rights across a defined area.”

In essence, this means that the changing of property use classes without planning permission can be denied by the local authority.

This could be problematic when converting a single-let property into an HMO or when converting a care home into a residential block of flats.

When changing a property’s use class, the free grant of rights to change a property class is called Permitted Development rights and means that there is no need to apply for planning permission. Article 4 restricts these rights.

As there is no guarantee that planning permission will be granted, it makes it inherently risky to invest in a property inside of an Article 4 area with the intention to convert to an HMO.

To avoid unnecessary risk, be sure to check whether a property is within these areas before investing in it. You can check with the local authority to find out if a property is contained in an Article 4 area.

If you are unsure of a property’s local authority, check it using the Government’s local authority finder

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